Web Push Notifications

Scheduled and Personalized Push Messaging for Desktop Web and Mobile Web

Mobile Web Engagement

Now not only you can reach to your app users, also you can reach and engage with your mobile website users.

Desktop Web Engagement

From breaking news to latest promotions, you can create endless new experiences for your website users and customers. Web Push Notifications are supported on Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Desktop.


You can create contextually relevant notifications, and have them delivered to each user at the ideal time of day. Even when they are not currently browsing on your website.

Scheduled Campaigns

You can create your content and campaigns and set the time for delivering to your users. Schedule your web push campaigns for relevancy and get a higher ROI.

Multi-Variate Testing

You can test your campaigns to understand which Web Push campaigns deliver the highest engagement and then optimize your campaigns to maximize the conversions. 

Offsite Notifications

It is easier to have more earned users on web than mobile apps. Once users have opted in, you can send engaging web push notifications even when the user is not on your website, browsing on another site.